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A utility to view and search items in Grim Dawn Stash(es)

(multiple if using more than one stash file either manually or through another utility like GD Stash Manager).



In your Grim Dawn installation folder, <Your Location>\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn, run AssetManager.exe, click [Work Offline] button to continue.
From the menu select Tools->Options->Extract Game Files and browse and select the Grim Dawn game folder (as mentioned above) and click OK.
Note: this need to be repeated very time the game database change,typically every game update.

In the App->Tools->Settings->General and Point to the "Database" folder in the Grim Dawn game folder (either use the […] browse button or paste in the path.

Todo since Patch Note: In Tools->Settings specify the GD resource sub-folder where the item tag files reside, e.g. "<Steam install folder>\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\resources\text_en".

In settings, point to the "tags_items.txt" file in the Database folder just mentioned.
Optionally point to "list.cfg" in the GD Stash Manager folder if you're using it.


P.S. Quick and Dirty code, do not judge :P

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